Thursday, October 24, 2013

Late post #One

This photo was taken last July 13, 2013 when I attended my cousin's wedding. She got pregnant in her early age that's why the elders' decided to arrange a wedding for her. Let's say it's kinda legal in her age (22) I guess? but still, it isn't legal as long as they are not married when they made the baby. As you can see,  I'm the tallest lady. LOL

This photo was taken last August 26, 2013 when I attended a grand choir for the con-celebrated mass of the feast day of Saint Augustine in Holy Cross Parish Church. I'm the third lady seated with Abby at my right, Joy with somethin' on her head at my left and Len the prettiest seated at Joy's left.


fiel-kun said...

Kim!!! welcome back to blogging :D

kimarodriguez said...

Thank you dear. :*