Saturday, April 6, 2013

this is how we roll

 Disregard the low quality cam. This is our last day of classes April 2, 2013. After finishing all the requirements for our clearance, we Arielle, Shaira, and Angela hanged out at SMD. We ate at KFC. Well no choice. We look for super sale and fit. In bench, mint, human, oxygen, genevieve and more. We all survived at the SY. 2012-2013. Bye bye freshie year, hello sophomore. College life is fun yet hard. You need to do lots of things like projects, thesis, experiments and more. You need to take care of your grade to avoid failure. Cause' once you failed, you'll be a irregular student and that's really sucks. Grades can be seen in student portal. I hope to have good grades. No fails or drops. :> BIOs are planning for outing and I suggest the Antel Grand ♥ I hope we can get discounts :). We're just allowed w/in Cavite Area Resorts. and Antel Grand is our choice =)).


Kath said...

Your pretty. You look so friendly :)

Dianne said...

I like your smile. Taga san ka po? pwede po ba makipag kaibigan? :D

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