Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Month of MAY :)

           May is a great month! Slash a Busy Month! haha Anyways, The incoming month (JUNE) will be more busier EVER! hahaha :)) Back to school is near! hmm on May 28, 2012 is our orientation. I'll go for Cavite State University - Indang! :) YAY! SCHOLARSHIP grant for me. Thanks for my mommy! :))) I'm planning to move to a DORM near that school.but I'll try to commute first for the first 2 weeks of the school starts. Pray me for this challenges! haha Bachelor of Science in Biology! huhuhu! Nervous is my opponent! :))) May 24, 2012 will be my sister's BIRTHDAY! HOORAY!! :)) She'll go to CHINA to attend the WORLD CONGRESS! cool right? Excited for college life haha! 
Never Give Up!! :)))

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