Saturday, October 29, 2011

it's almost the end of october.

Hello guys, well its me again KIM. I forgot to post new stories here. I'm really busy for doing some homeworks and projects. I'm planning what university should I go through. I had an enytrance exam in DLSU Dasma. My mom want me to study in CVSU Indang because of the Scholarship. I will take MEDICAL BIO course. It's a little bit hard. I'm planning to get Information Technology or Computer Science, but they want me to take Medical courses. :( well I'm tired! I don't know which courses should I take. hahaha! Anyway, I missed my blog! change the name and over all! :))


Laarni said...

sorry d ko agad nakita yung bago mong post. long time no blog! musta? haha gumaganda ahh. nkita kta sa SM. pumapayat ata? haha

Butterplush said...

haha ty po teh laarni. d ahh mataba pdn. wew ako gumaganda? bka malabo po mata bto. XD