Friday, July 8, 2011

Montly Exam!

OMG! MONTHLY EXAM!! this coming week! July 11 to 15! I can't imagine my self to study hard and  to be on the HONOR list!!(again!) haha. My last Honor award, when I was on my 4th grade. haha and when I was in  2nd yr to 3rd yr.. I recieved certificates/awards. Anyways, I want to be in the HONOR LIST, I;m a graduating student and dreaming to be a VALEDICTORIAN.., hahaha! and I know that's IMPOSSIBLE! LOL! but, Dreaming is free, so I must dream and dream! haha ..

I forgot to bring the check to the office, to pay for my tuition deess haha! OMG!
I can't take an exam wihtout paying my tuition fees.
I also need to get my Exam Permit. LOL!! lots of thingyythings!!


Kath said...

good luck kimmy!

Yanka said...

yan ang hell week!! GO ATE KIM!!

sean said...

haha! kaya mu yan! STUDY HARD! para makapunta sa HONOR LIST! :D

Cindy Mae said...

go! kya mu yn :)