Friday, June 24, 2011

Girls Bonding! :D

Happy days with my two cousins :DD haha they are so funny! I really enjoy those days with them. We have lots of picures but I just choose 3 LOL! haha Cindy Mae L. Erni is wearing Green Printed Shirt while Lei Ann L. Erni is wearing Blue Printed Shirt. We went to SMRosario and ate Unlimited Chicken in Max's Restaurant and guest what, We ate 12 Chickens!! hahaha the people arounf us are staring us LOL! We just don't mind them! After that heavy dinner, we went to pink box, both some cute stuffs. We also buy bags, shades, clothes and more. After those freaking shopping, we went to Cinema ground. LOL!! We watch Kung Fu Panda 2!! haha so funny and suspense :))


Dianne said...

ang gaganda nyo naman :D

Anonymous said...

butterplush so cute! and CINDY MAE ERNI really pretty! can i have your number guys?

Kate said...

i love your blog Ms. Kim :)