Thursday, April 14, 2011


I captured this when i'm in makati! OMG! can't imagine that philippines is a really nice!
I'm thinking what will be the look of this in the future. Anyway, I'm glad that our country id a very nice place :)
I captured some pictures :D LOL! 

This is my BIKE! :D I used this bike to go to the sari - sari store. A friend's house. Just ride in the bike to lose weight :D LOL I use this BIKE since 2009.. haha it's not that stylish because I don't like PINK bike with lots of stuffs on it. HAHA :D

Just a little mist! I love the day when i saw a cloudy sky turning into a dark sky. I love the looks of the clouds. it's really FABULOUS for me! haha that's why having some pose really makes me happy :D .. I'm with my friend emie in that time. we ride the bike all arounf the subdivision :D I really want to lose weight!! OMG! I don't like to be an OVERWEIGHT girl or an OBESE !! HAHA 

a simple smile of me :) . haha my friends said that my eyes are really small :( . But anyway, SMALL EYES gives an EVERLASTING SMILE haha!! I'm happy with my eyes now! It's better than having a BIG EYE BALLS haha!! 

I hope I can post a lots pof images here :D
hey guys. 
I hope no copying of pictures, themes and thoughts :D


Anonymous said...

you're so pretty! I love your blog! keep up the good work :)

Leah said...

nice pictures! you're a great photographer and a photogenic c:

Kisha said...

aww! so pretty! i hope i can have my own. still i have no blog :( well keep up the good work and stay pretty :)