Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I Love PANDA! haha I don't know why because these past few months I Love collecting PANDA! haha I became so addicted in PANDA! That's why I planned to change my net name from iSparcle to chokupanda! My cousins gave me many stuff toy of pandas! haha I can't imagine that I'm now an addicted in panda! haha ... I'm planning to buy Panda Trash Can. I saw it in the mall and it cost 350PHP. I want to buy panda bank, panda back pack, panda shirt and more! haha I'm so addicted in panda! haha 

I Love BAGS! haha I bought different bags from heartsrting, cose, hawk, jansport, guess and more! haha I want this coming Christmas, I will receive many BAGS and PANDAS from my relatives and friends.. haha so excited for Christmas haha! can't wait! To have new bags!


April said...

OMG. I love pandas too! *Envious* haha!

Anonymous said...

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