Friday, August 20, 2010

LG GD580 Lollipop!!

The GD580 Lollipop is a flip opening 3G capable mobile phone which has been manufactured by LG. It comes with a stylish & colourful flip open casing & has a selection of features which include a music player, FM radio, 3.1 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities & the user can enjoy Internet access on their new phone. This 3G phone is from the same range as its big brother the highly popular LG GD510 Pop but these handsets differ dramatically in appearance as well as built in features, as the LG Lollipop is a more cost effective handset from the range with slightly lower specifications, but still an attractive phone fully of fun & user friendly features.

Appearance & Size

This phone has a fashionable & colourful exterior & is available in either a black, blue or pink coloured casing. Its simplistic flip open casing is easy to open in a single hand & provides a compact sized casing for the user to carry with them at all times. The LG GD580 Lollipop has compact dimensions when is its flip closed position which are 10.83cm high by 5.15cm wide by 1.34cm deep, but the phones measurement will change when the handset is opened & in use. It weighs 103.5 grams which is lightweight allowing the user to carry their handset in their pocket or bag. This 3G phone has an internal screen which is 2.8 inch in size when measured diagonally & this screen provides a colour display & a clear viewing experience. When the handset is open the user can view their screen on the flip opened section of the casing, whilst the keypad & navigation controls are located on the lower section of the casing.

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

The user can enjoy many entertainment features on their phone which makes this an ideal phone for the majority of mobile phone users as it supports user friendly features. An integrated 3.1 megapixel digital camera feature complete with its lens located on the back of the casing, allows the user to capture still pictures or recording moving footage using the video capturing setting. The user can enjoy a Java™ gaming experience on the LG GD580 Lollipop & the user can download new & exciting games for mobile phone entertainment purposes. The GD580 Lollipop supports MP3 format ringing tones & the user can choose their favourite song to hear each time an incoming call comes in. It comes with an integrated stereo FM radio complete with RDS (radio data system) supports. The RDS function provides the user with onscreen information which is relevant to the radio station the user has tuned into. A built in music player allows the user to enjoy a mobile music experience & the player supports MP3 format, WAV, AAC+ & WMA music format. An integrated video player means the user can playback moving videos in many popular formats including MPEG4, H263, H264 & WMV video format.

Communication & Messaging

The LG GD580 Lollipop comes with a vibration alert function which allows the user to select this feature when the user wishes to be alerted of an incoming message or call by a gentle vibration of the handsets casing. There is a phone book feature which allows the user to store up to a maximum of one thousand contacts & the user can add, edit & delete contact details with ease. This 3G phone supports a speaker call feature which allows the user to hear a call out loud over the phone speakers & the user can place the handset next to them for a hands free call experience. There is a variety of messaging service which include a multimedia messaging service, a text messaging service & an email service. The multimedia messaging service known as MMS allows the user to create a message with a photo or video included complete with text & sound if desired. A text message allows the user to create a message with text included & this service is known as a SMS service, plus the user can enjoy a predictive text input method which makes creating a message a faster experience for the user. The LG GD580 Lollipop also supports a mobile email service which means the user can send & receive emails on their handset which can be shared with email address compatible contacts.

Technology & Internet

The GD580 Lollipop comes with a rechargeable Li-ion 800 mAh battery which can provide up to three hours of talk time or up to two hundred & fifty hours of standby battery time. 
The user can gain access to the World Wide Web via the phones built in WAP 2.0 browser which provides the user with a XHTML & HTML web browsing experience. This fashionable flip style handset supports EDGE & GPRS technologies which provides the user with high speed data transfer rates when the user is transferring data between the LG GD580 Lollipop & other compatible devices. Its 3G HSDPA technology provides the user with high speed connectivity on this phone & the phone works over tri band GSM networks & a HSDPA 2100 network. The GD580 Lollipop has sixty megabytes of built in memory & the handset has an expandable memory card slot which can hold up to eight gigabytes of MicroSD™ memory. It supports USB connectivity as the phone has a USB connect port & the user can insert one end of a USB cable into their phone whilst the other end of the cable can be inserted into a USB port on another device such as a computer, printer, another mobile phone & more. The LG GD580 Lollipop supports Bluetooth® wireless connectivity which means the user can gain a connection between their phone & another Bluetooth® compatible device when transfer data using a wireless connection.


CHEEN said...

i want to have one, the features are awesome xD

stella said...

i like flipflop phones! jst like samsung. i like the colors! so fashionable.:)