Monday, May 3, 2010

What's New?

OMG! I love this nail art! I want to buy this stamping designs for my nails :)) haha.. Finally got new post!!
Guys sorry for not replying a dropping to your blogs this past few weeks, I just became very busy for enjoying my summer haha. We went to centinial for a short vacation. We enjoyed the big and beautiful places and swimming pools haha. even though I had a bad experience on it haha..

My mom bought me this animob gadgets golder :)
haha, this is really cute! I Love Animob designs :)

My Wish List For the Month:

If your kind enough, you can buy me these staffs :)

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Jhiegzh said...

Woaah, collection!...Very gurly! LOLS, cant relate..but preferably its attractive...Keep it up and keep posting..God Bless^^

= iSparcle = said...

haha tnx my dear )

chingching said...

ipad? whhheeew. nice choice.

= iSparcle = said...

tnx :)

i@иn℮™ said...

oh my! i super love the nails. ill have to send mine to nail salon to have like that - which is impossible by now. so strict review policies. they'll kick my ass out if i did.