Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update ☻

 Finally, I already opened my facebook account :), I recieved 5 messages, 20 friend requests and 396 notifications.. ohh, I felt sorry for the people who message me, I'm very busy last month so I have no time to reply to all of your messages :)...

By the way guys do you now about JEJEMON? ohh well my friends says that this/these jejemons are really "JOLOGS" I don't know why :)
----- > A Short Info about them :)

Jejemon - It’s from the origin of “Hehehe” with a Pokemon word. Combining the Pokemon and “hehehe” to “jejeje” word. Basically it exist through texting and fast phase communication due to typing characters on keyboard or button. Everyone will understand the word by reading the characters. Sample: Thanks=TenKz / Th@NkZZzz   other words are prolong or any attach character as long as it will sounds like the original word “thanks”. Constructing a syntax and grammar for “Jeje Language” needs mastery of creativeness and orientation of other special character. 
 For today - internet is massively used for character exchange and language exchange throughout the world by the used of the universal medium “English”. Chinese, Korean, Japanese even Russian characters can be also combined to create a readable word in English. 

 Jejemon is a kind of writing in which consists of misspelled, random uppercase and lowercase of letters. It may be considered as an encrypted message but in the sense of reading its a sounds like a formal word. ---- this article is written by:rybaxs. ☺


Jhiegzh said...

Yeah! They were already aired in the television. A sign for idiocacy! But let them alone though, its their freedom, its on us if we'll be like them..Thanks for the info again!

stella said...

saw some fanpage in facebook about "anti-jejemons" at some point, jejemon language can ruin your grammar and lowers your IQ. dunno if its true

CHEEN said...

been busy? aww. lol. mabuti may ganaka pa magFB, ako nawawalan na :D nax :D namiss ka nila :D

mm, im one of those anti-jejemon, for me its not formal, really. turn off aco se mga tao mahilig sa sticky caps.

- iSparcle - said...

uu nga eh :))

Genie said...

Hooray for making a facebook! May I add you on there? ^^