Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Layout!!

Finally! I already finished making my new layout. I'm happy to use BLACK, GRAY, and PINK colors :) because for me, it shows the cleanliness of my works :) haha by the way guys, sorry for not updating my blog for almost 2 weeks.. I'm quite busy for helping my mom to prepare their graduation program for their students. I became a FARMVILLE addict! his vacation haha.. I don't know why.. haha ..

I also became an addict in Adam or Eve haha :)) The story is really beautiful :) and the characters are really good in acting especially the one who acts a two role, she is Rochelle for girl and Andrew for boy :)) and I also like the guy whose name is Jeff :)) Rochelle's Friend when they are young.. :)) I love watching it every weekdays :) after Eat Bulaga :) haha

Ok guyz Till here :)..


Yanka said...

Cute layout! I love all the girls on the header :))
I'm not a fan of watching TV (since I'm always in front of the computer, lol) but it looks like a pretty good show :)

Kitty said...

The layout is cute!! I like the header.. so korean ^_^ but the problem is, you have some emoticons that has white background.. and it doesnt suit your blog.. :( nakikita yung white ee. :(

= iSparcle = said...

@Yanka: tnx :) I really appreciate your comments :)

@Kitty: tnx :) I really love korean's avatar hah :), ohh the emoticons.. I see :) tnx for that :) I'll try to fix it :)..

CHEEN said...

wow. congrats. yer layie is cute :d black and pink so cute combination :D

hmm, i never got the chance to watch that, because of the rotating brownout here in zambo. tsk.

= iSparcle = said...

@cheen: ohh tnx :) linke u :)

Marissa said...

hi, thanks for visiting me at crayons n pencils. if you want you can add me to your farmville too, can i have your email? thanks ^___^x

rheiyapot said...

woah i oh-so-love the layout. *jealous*

hehe. take care sis!

AEHLYN said...

oh.. adam or eve..
tamang tama..
first time ko yang mapanuod kanina..
maganda pala yung story nyan?
sige, ta-try kong subaybayan yan. ^^

cLarcy said...

new layie...!! nice.. hahha wag masyadong maadict sa farmville ah.. :p

= iSparcle = said...

- tnx :) i love your layout too :)

- uu super ganda :) haha pogi ng 3 boys dun haha :))

- haha tnx :).. uu nga eh kaka adict kc haha :)

Divine said...

hey, I love your new layie!! :)

about the movie, well I know that haha I also LOVE that movie! the story is like in the story of the "You're Beautiful" by korean :)