Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Summer :)

Hello guyz :) Finally! haha got new post again I'm so excited!! because my mom planned to make some apples that looks very delicious and expensive :) wahaha I can't wait to taste it again! soo excited!! By the way guys.. I'm planning to transfer another school this coming school year, but my mom didn't allow me to transfer :( but it's ok I'll try my best to study again in TISC.. >.<

I'm enjoying this April Summer :] with my family.. My mom ask me if we want to go for a swimming.. and obviously I answered SURE! why not :)) haha I've been waiting this happenings to happen :)) by the way guyz I Love to read ANIME STORIES! so addicted :) haha for the past few days, I've been reading the IDOL SHOPPING haha it's really great! I love the story 
The Summary :) 
         - The nerdy, boring high school girl Kang Song Ih is actually the hot, tough bully take carer 'S'! The name says it all, but she does her business for a price, of course! She was born with a twin, A ul; the handsome brother whom her parents favor. But with an accident that involved A ul, Song Ih had no choice but to dress up as a guy and take his place at his school. She plans to get revenge on that person who led her beloved twin brother to his accident, but things starts to go whack. 

My New CRUSH! wahaha 
nakaka adik panuorin ung Adam or Eve :)) wahaha ang pogi nya kasi dun! OMG!! haha lagi akong nanonood ng Adam or Eve :)) kasi dun ko lng sya nakikita :) 

:)) Bago kong kinababaliwan sa showbiz :) haha

- Just dreaming na makita ko sya in personal at malapitan :) nako ready aq dyan :) haha mag dadala aq ng camera at cellphone :) para sa picture namin together at NUMBER nya :).. loka na talaga ako :)

haha PARTY PILIPINAS!! soon to be there :) haha "sana" hahaha



eden said...

wahaha,, sa GMA.. d ko xa kilala:)

peyy said...

Oh u have a crush on him? Hehe , yeah he's cute. I wish they'll put back daisy siete here on USA. We used to have it but they removed it.

Anyway , i like the other guy . The chinky guy. I don't know his name. He also joined next big star :)

Enjoy your swimming ! <3

CHEEN said...

hehehe. good :D buti pa keo, me swimming2. keke. halos buisy kasi lahat d2 sa min ang tao. tsk.

hehe. gwapo xa :D

Umi said...

CARAMELIZED APPLE! Wooohooo! Looks sooo yummy. :D

i@иn℮™ said...

wow. i hope you enjoy swimming. should you enjoy the vacation and not regret when you ran out of time.

cLarcy said...

ah.. sa GMA pala siya.. kaya pala di ko kilala.. heheh
those apples look delish !!

krishtoot. :)) said...

Yummy apples!