Monday, February 8, 2010


a simple update in me! haha
well I guess my face are still my face haha.. it has no pimples or dark spots :]
well haha I used NIVEA facial foam for my face, every moring :)
because my mom told me that this nivea can help my skin in preventing to have pimples, wrinkles and dark spots, as you can see my face looks so naturaly! coz I don't use powder on my face, haha but my auntie gave me a Face Powder, but I always forgot to use it, coz I'm a busy girl haha no time for beauty products! haha I want tmy natural skin haha...

the SHINee!
haha they are COOL! I Love them! haha
they are all handsome like F4 member haha..
OMG! They really look perfect haha gosh! I love their songs as well :)
can't wait to hear their new songs haha..


. said...

soo cute! haha

Anonymous said...

Hey I Love your post :)

Anonymous said...

wow! I agree nivea facial foam! haha I used it also tnx for the info :).. by the way! the shinEE are really awesome! haha