Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey guyz.. : ] I'm not quite happy this day :( I really felt sad and out of place today :( I don't know why :( I don't feel so lucky today :( I just want to be alone even my friends talk at me, dance with me, laugh with me.. gah.. I felt sad and I want to be alone today!.... my teacher made an announcement that tomorro w is our GENERAL PRACTICE and GENERAL PREPARATION for the family day on Saturday. Feb. 6, 2010... gah I'm super excited haha.. by the way guyz I saw a new shoes here at the internet and I want to recieve it on Feb. 7, 2010 my BIRTHDAY PARTY! haha I hope somebody will buy that for me :] yaikz :)) I ask my mom if she could buy this thing for me and she answered " NO!" and I felt so sad :(( s o pls guyz buy this for me :) I'm sure this is my favorite gift! haha I really love this..

if you are interested to buy that for me..
just contact me guyz :) to know the link where to buy it :)..

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