Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hello Guyz! I'm back! sorry for not updatig this blog yeasterday because I'm SUPER BUSY yesterday! because I celebrate my birthday PARTY! well the party is well done and make my day HAPPY! absolutely COMPLETE! haha.. OMG! a lot of visitors had came! gosh haha and they enjoy the games, foods and more! my cousins are there also, we join different games for TEENS! like us haha.. well I'm so surprise coz I recieve many gifts haha but not soo many haha.. other visitors gave me MONEY! wow haha wath a rich people.. haha and others gave me perfumes, hair curlor and more! haha 나는 너무도 기뻐\'m 제 생일 축하 파티! I hope more parties to come! haha

iSparcle a
nd Mengie!
well it's me! and the other girl is MENGIE! my friend :)

iSparcle and JM!
well it's me anf my younger brother! haha
I Love him very muCH!
he is sooo... LAZY! that's the best word to describe my younger brother haha.. OMG! look at me! gosh I look like a monster haha..


. said...

Hello Guyz :) haha PARTY! wow! haha

Cristine said...

Wow! nice outfit :) who is Mengie? your friend? wow she's so luckty to have a friend like you :)

Bim said...

iSparcle was that your younger brother? wow he looks very cute haha :)

iSparcle said...

Thanks guyz :) haha yup he is my younger brither..

- yup she is my friend :) haha yes I know she is lucky to be my friend haha...