Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Birthday is NEAR!

I can't believe that my birthday is oh so near! YUP! my mom will prepare a simple party with me on Feb. 7, 2010 haha even though my birthday is on Feb. 11, 2010.. :)) but I'm so excited to celebrate my birthday with my FAMILY, FRIENDS, COUSINS and more :)) I hope that this party will be memorable for everyone! :)) I'm actually feeling CRAZY! I can't breath right now because of OVER HAPPINESS! in my life! haha well this day is a red day so all of us are wearing RED! but gosh I only wear my RED pants.. TT_TT because I don't want to wear my dress or anything, coz I want SIMPLE! yea! simple haha coz that's me that's KIM! haha well I'm currently eating chocolates right now from my dad and the other one is from my friend :)) haha yea FRIENDS! i mean haha... well I wish to be updated everyday! to have time for posting my different stories! haha bye guyz..

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