Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Day!

Hello! again it's me again :] can you imagine I'm trying to be updated everyday haha.. I Love this day! this is my Happy day! haha you know why? because today is our STRIPES DAY and all of the students are wearing stripes haha and it is quite FABULOUS haha well me and my friends became a GIRL POWER!!! haha well that's are friendship for.. OMG! during our MATH time I answered a certain problem and it is ACCIDENTALLY I slipped! haha OMG! I'm so shy that time... but now it is already ok :)) well haha.... I'm soo excited!! my dad will go home today! from MOROCCO wow! more stuffs again haha and a COMPLETE AND HAPPY FAMILY again! haha that's my HAPPINESS haha... tomorrow POLKA DOTS DAY!! haha I'm Ready

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