Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Clarissa!

Happy Birthday Clarissa! haha what a nice day again haha.. it's POLKA DAY! haha I'm happy because the GIRL POWER are still together and we are "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!" haha Clarissa brought a digicam and have a picture with us haha soo happy! she bought a corneto ice cream for us! YUMMY! haha! I Love my Friends very much.. I hope that everyday I will experience good and happy day with classmates and friends! haha and I hate TLE haha we got 7/10 :( its a failing Grade :(( but like they said "Better Luck Next Time" haha..

I'm soo HAPPY!!
haha tomorrow is the RED day! yipee.. what kind of dress I will wear? hmmp?? I'll just look to my closet for a better answer :)) haha...

'Feeling CRAZY! right now!! haha

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