Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazy Day!

Hello guyz, well I'm quite HAPPY to day! haha coz I just saw my special someone haha joke.. actually feeling crazy right now! by the way I'm done reading the book named.. "ACCIDENTALLY FABULOUS" well this book is very enjoyable haha it makes me laugh every chapter that I read.. :)

this book was about a girl who moved to nice area and went to the best school.she met a new friend and her new friend's friend starts to play tricks on her and get her in trouble and so on. but i really liked it and thought it was asome just like the rest of the set!!! and can't wait 2 read the rest...

Amy Flowers is a very lucky girl. She has been granted a full scholarship to Arlington Academy, the ritziest school around. Amy can't wait to start seventh grade at her new school and enjoy all the perks that come with being a student at Arlington. But Amy isn't prepared for The League.

The League is ruled by mean girl Fiona, who isn't very fond of newcomers, and she's not making anything easy. If Amy wants to join The League, she has to pass Fiona's tests.

Amy struggles with wanting to join The League and be popular, but she also sees Fiona for the mean girl she is and knows that someone should bring her down. Will Amy have enough courage to take on The League's leader?

ACCIDENTALLY FABULOUS is the newest offering in the Candy Apple line from Scholastic. I love the Candy Apple books because they are sweet and fun and great for tweens looking for clean chick lit. This title is perfect for fans of THE CLIQUE Series or the movie Mean Girls. With a sequel coming soon, this is one book you'll want to add to your summer reading list!

OMG! this book is very awesome! haha and my motto for this is " BE FAB!" haha


iSparcle said...

wee haha.. kaka loka

iSparcle said...

I Love this book! haha
I enjoy reading it! haha

. said...

guyz just keep in touch

cLarcy said...

wow. soounds like a fun book !

nicole said...

haha. nax. wow. you saw yer special someone eh? :D wow. the book seems nice. i want to read it too!