Monday, January 4, 2010


lol :)) I just want to capture them :] coz I'm bored haha..
Collecting things are quite wonderful especially when your having fun using them! XD
I'm interested in PINK ,and BLACK
coz it gives glamour to my eyes.. hehhe
I have eyeliners for my beautiful eyes and face powder for my face and limp gloss for my lips.
I can't show you my limp gloss coz I'm quite busy for doing something so I can't picture it out!

well I'm not feeling well to day.. coz my mom don't allow me to go to shoe mart with friends.. T_T

well I want to have a new photographer's camera! I want to have it this year! I hope that I can have it and enjoy my life with it!

..well guyz I'm going to end this post coz I'm real busy today!..

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