Monday, December 28, 2009

New Layout!

Hey! How’s everyone? :disguise: I missed you all. I’ve been posting very short and crappy posts for a while and I thought you guys deserved something better. (/drama) :* There’s something wrong when posting images or using smilies though, can anyone help me? :oops:

Anyways, I have good news. O0 I’m part of our school’s gazette! I am like super excited for my article to get posted. :) It’s not long, not short, it’s just right. ;)) I’ve been feeling super accomplished these past few days. **nods** HAHA. I didn’t want to go to school but I had no choice. X_X

I’ve been chatting with (a poser? =P ) @ danilo manaug I don’t care if it’s a poser or not, I’m having fun anyways. :)) That’s all that matters anyways. :running: I posted this since a while ago but it didn’t save. UGH, MUCH? :diedoflaughter:

Anyways, my friend and I are traumatized by cookies :oreo: because of a really dumb reason. :kulangot: I can’t tell you since it’s gross but it has something to do with Prince, Party in the USA, pole dancing, lacy blue undies and of course, cookies :oreo: . HAHA. :)) We are so lame. ;)) Right, Moony/Genny?

I seriously do not know what to say now… I love this new theme. :claps: I guess this is long enough. ^^

That’s for now, friends. :-h Bye!

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