Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Klarrise!

Today is Klarrise Birthday! and we went to their house and have some fun and enjoy the party! wee haha but it seems that this is not my LUCK day you know why? well my Friend Push Me To The Pool and in That time I'm Not Yet ready! woa! I just felt I'm Dying that time I can't Move my feet but THANK YOU Mariane! she save me haha but at the END we are all Happy eating BBQ, Roasted Chicken, Cake, Salad, Mechado, Fruits and a LOT more.. and after we ate we dive on the pool and play a volleyball! woah! just happy! haha I can't imagine that I felt like I'm Dying in that day.. but all in all I LOVE THE PARTY! especialy being with my friends! well that's life :)) xP!

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