Friday, December 18, 2009

New Moon

Yey! Finally a new post!

I’ve been very busy with school works these past week, Reviewing for NAT, Reviewing for past lessons for our Chapter Exams and making a project. and I felt :shroom: very tired :[. well I will try to be active here so that it will be updated evryday :)lol .

I’m super excited because I’ll finally get to watch New Moon :-) (thanks Kizet) she let me borrowed her new moon VCD well it is quite beautiful especially the character and the ware wolfs.. (wah! this is great!)

Another thing I'm currently viewing such photos of the PBB housemates and the STARSTRUCK Survivor! well this is quite fun, I'm watching them! haha lol . Love ROCCO! I just love the way he act and the way he sing even his voice is not that good :). I'm Not a fan of PIERO and IAN but i do think STEVEN is better than ROCCO. :stand:lol . well that's all guyz :)) I'm currently browsing for my new brushes and psd files :)) haha ..

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