Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Love Math!

Well our teacher ask us to make a poem! that is all about MATH! wow! haha this is really interesting for me; but I felt lazy when I made it.. haha coz for me this is not really FUN! almost all my classmates hate math. I don't know why :(.. but I think for them Math is difficult subject.. :] wow! really! haha..
just read my poem.. haha I'm not inspired of making it, so this is not ok.. haha for me this poem is just a ... hmm draft? joke haha...

I Love Math!
By: Kimberly L. Rodriguez

Solving Equation makes me crazy.
Sometimes I've wanted to be a lazy
but when I saw the "RADICALS"
I felt like boiling chemicals.

I love Math because it's hard.
It's challege me all the way at my card.
Try to pull out the Leanear Equation.
I will felt like unlucky person.

Everytime I saw the "QUADRATIC".
It makes me like I'm pathetic.
Somehow I tried my best
That I will never failed the test.

Math is an intelligent subject.
That will make us perfect.
In all the way down.
Integers will never be brown.

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