Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Hey guyz! Happy Birthday to me! haha but I think this is not my lucky day in school :(( I'm soo sad :(( but thanks mom for the gift :).. my mom bought me a new bicycle wow I'm so excited to use it! haha and my dad bought me a chocolateS! haha soo many! thanks mom and dad! I really appriciate it :), my grandmother gave me a 100 pesos! wow so that I can buy what ever I want haha, my auntie gave me 200 pesos :)) haha so I got 300 pesos and I bought a New Victoria's Secret Perfume haha so that I can use it everyday! haha I want everyday different perfume to use haha but my mom said.. just choose one and when you are already contented with it, use it until it became few and I will buy you again.. haha wow! really? well that's it! soo excited to finish using this old perfume haha..


. said...

happy birthday iSparcle!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday :)

Miya said...

maligayang kaawawan!