Thursday, October 24, 2013

Late post #two

These pictures was taken last September 19, 2013 when we had our Field Trip in UPLB and IRRI in Laguna. It's for our Botany class. We went to Mt. Makiling then the museum. We're so tired while walking. Anyway we're quite lucky when we saw the lanzones and rambutan sellers. They sell P40/kilo of lanzones and P15/kilo of rambutan. Cheap right? That's why almost all of us bought kilos. We saw Glenn. He's our former classmate in CvSU - BS BIOLOGY but now, he's studying in UPLB same course. He's a good friend of mine. While we're in the van. We laugh, talk, bully others and etc. We also bought buko pie for pasalubong. I saw the "Itlog ni Kuya " and "Monay ni Ate" and I really laugh because of the store name. :) 

Late post #One

This photo was taken last July 13, 2013 when I attended my cousin's wedding. She got pregnant in her early age that's why the elders' decided to arrange a wedding for her. Let's say it's kinda legal in her age (22) I guess? but still, it isn't legal as long as they are not married when they made the baby. As you can see,  I'm the tallest lady. LOL

This photo was taken last August 26, 2013 when I attended a grand choir for the con-celebrated mass of the feast day of Saint Augustine in Holy Cross Parish Church. I'm the third lady seated with Abby at my right, Joy with somethin' on her head at my left and Len the prettiest seated at Joy's left.

Finally! On to blogging.

안녕하세요, Sorry for the long hiatus. The past two weeks were really TOXIC- Final examination, too many projects and assignments to work for and I need to finish our documentary video for TAEKWONDO thing which I used all EXO songs. It was literally, the most exhausting and stressful month of my entire college life!!! But anyway, I’m now on break from school and I’m just so excited because I get to do ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO DO without worrying about an unfinished paper or a test I still haven’t studied for! Kinda nervous because I haven't seen my grades yet. Still waiting for my grades to be uploaded in our portal. I'm hoping that I don't have failing grades. But then, it really sucks. Biochemistry.  :"( still hoping to passed it.

 I'll be uploading some late upload pictures.